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Architecture, Lake Norman, NC

My unique take on architecture allows me to create beautiful, sustainable house designs.

Architecture in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Architecture can tell us so much about people and places from specific time periods, and it is one of the best ways to tell a story about what was going on in the world in a certain era. Preserving architecture’s designs and putting great thought into newer designs, can make an impact on the world around us and the people who use these structures every day.

Good architecture is just as important for the cathedrals and historical buildings in Europe as it is to the function, feel, and fluidity of your home. If you have decided to build a new home, partner with me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, to incorporate a variety of architectural elements you love and enjoy, so your new house genuinely feels like home.

My architecture work can be seen throughout Lake Norman, North Carolina, and I use many unique features that are notable to my personal style. For example, I often use biophilic design, which involves integrating natural elements into houses to increase an appreciation and love for living systems. With so much emphasis on sustainability and conservation, I know your home’s architectural design will function at its best when energy, land, water, and materials are used as efficiently as possible.

I want to talk to you in detail about your architecture preferences and how I can blend my unique style to create a design for your new home that you fall in love with. Schedule a consultation with me today – I look forward to working with you!

Paul B. Clark, Architect offers architecture services in MooresvilleCharlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.