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LEED Certified, Lake Norman, NC

I can help you create a sustainable, enjoyable home as a LEED certified architect.

LEED Certified in Lake Norman, North CarolinaWhen you are passionate about the environment, you want your endeavors to be considerate of the world and the elements around you in all that you do- including building your own home. If you are looking for an eco-friendly home, a home that is built with care and consideration of the environment or a home that will encompass nature, you need to consider a LEED certified architect such as myself.

As a LEED certified architect, I will find the most sustainable methods that will work for you and the environment in the design of your home. Because I have been working in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area and surrounding areas for quite some time now, I am very familiar with the ideal materials that are natural, sustainable and available in this part of the world.

To become LEED certified, you need to be part of the Green Building Rating System, which works to ensure that new buildings are doing their best for the environment. These types of buildings are situated ideally on their properties, have a reduced amount of water consumption, look at how each property will impact the environment during the building process, and carefully consider and minimally use non-renewable energy sources.

LEED certified properties are built with specific standards in mind, and my job is to make this process a smooth one. As a LEED certified architect, I understand what it takes to create a property that is minimally impactful on the environment. To learn more about how you can design a property like this and still live comfortably, contact me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, today.

Paul B. Clark, Architect is LEED certified in Charlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.

When you turn to me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, for assistance with your remodeling or home building project in Charlotte, North Carolina, I will create a design that captures your vision.