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As your Charlotte architect, I will design your home incorporating sensible, meaningful, and sustainable elements.

Architect in Charlotte, North CarilonaArchitect in Charlotte – When you have decided to build a new home, you may have many ideas about the style, layout and details of the finished product. You draw from your previous experience and know the small things that will make your house feel like home. Before you begin building, it is important to have an architect design and draw your home, so you can visualize specific elements and make adjustments to get the perfect home design.

As the architect for your new home, I use three core principles to guide my design:

  1. Meaningful Architecture – Your home is more than just a roof and walls. Your home is designed to provide a beautiful representation of you and your family from the inside out. As your architect, I will take the time to design your home including details that are significant and meaningful.
  2. Sensible Building – An architect understands that your home must be affordable and functional. I design homes with this in mind, so you will walk into your new home with the sense that your resources were used wisely while creating the space you have been imagining at its peak functionality.
  3. Thoughtful Sustainability – Today, more than ever, having a home that uses sustainable resources and is energy efficient is at the forefront of our minds. My job is to provide thoughtful solutions for your home’s sustainability, so you will know you are protecting the environment and maximizing your resources.

Why Sustainable Building?

As you plan to build your home, you may be wondering whether the use of eco-friendly products during construction will truly make a difference in the way your home looks, feels, and flourishes. In fact, there are many advantages of sustainable building, such as:

  • Environmental Conservation – One advantage of sustainable home construction is that the products used can be beneficial for the homeowner and the environment. For example, using recycled steel beams for a home’s structure reduces the loss of trees while utilizing sturdy materials for construction.
  • Health & Wellbeing – Many of the plastic products commonly used to build homes emit toxins, which can have a short and long-term impact on the health and wellbeing of residents. Incorporating sustainable resources during the building process can alleviate this concern and promote a greener space for living.
  • Incentives – There are numerous personal and government incentives for green home building. Not only are you likely to see a reduction in your energy bills, but you can also take advantage of grants and tax deductions for utilizing sustainable resources during home construction.

Talking with your architect and home builder about the types of materials that are available to you will help you make the best decisions for your home during the design and construction phase. They will know the most accessible of the sustainable resources available in your area, as well as provide recommendations regarding best practices for application during home construction.

As your Charlotte, NC architect, I will design your home incorporating sensible, meaningful, and sustainable elements. Contact me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, today. As a licensed contractor and architect, my objective is to create a design that enhances your treasured idea of home. I will work with you through every phase of your building project to ensure your dream home becomes a reality.

Paul B. Clark, Architect proudly serves Charlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.


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