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  1. I have a lot of clothes and have run out of space. The closets are too shallow, so the doors hit the hangers when closed. I have a 3rd bedroom and considered making it a walk-in closet (I have 6 racks of clothes and about 50-60 pairs of shoes & boots in there now!) I am purging clothing now, but would like your opinion of how to solve this storage problem. Would modifying the closets in three (bed-)rooms help? The house was built in the 1980’s and needs an update.

    • Thanks for your question. A shortage of closet space is all too often a challenge with most houses. Your proposal to make the extra bedroom into a generous walk-in closet sounds like a great idea as it is an immediate, construction-free solution with no investment in your existing house. The clothing storage units that you would place in there could move with you to a future house. Ideally, of course, a long-term, ideal solution would entail an arrangement with convenient access to your clothes from your bedroom and bath. But, for now, I would avoid making any changes to the third bedroom that would make it unsuitable as a third bedroom as this would significantly decrease the value of your house.


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