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Custom House Designs, Lake Norman, NC

Your new house will feature thoughtful and functional architectural elements.

Custom House Designs in Lake Norman, North Carolina

Drive through any neighborhood, and you may feel like you have déjà vu over and over again since many of the houses look the exact same. If you want your next house to look and feel like one you can truly call your own, the solution is easy – work with me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, to create a custom house design that speaks to what you truly want out of a home.

While aesthetics are incredibly important with custom house designs, I also place heavy focus on two other factors: functionality and affordability. I work hard to make these factors paramount as I develop a new design, so the new house functions well for the family living in it and the cost of ownership is reasonable and as expected.

Additionally, my custom house designs feature biophilic design concepts that emphasize natural elements. I refrain from using generic details throughout this process – all architectural details included in your home will be meaningful and significant.

Finally, I use sustainable resources whenever possible as emphasis on conservation and efficiency become more and more important. Sticking with sustainable resources makes homes more comfortable and also reduces waste during building and in the years to come.

Are you interested in building a new home in the Lake Norman, North Carolina area or thinking about upgrading your current house? I want to review some of my previous custom house designs with you and get a better feel for your vision. Contact me today!

Paul B. Clark, Architect creates custom house designs in Charlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.