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Planning Design, Lake Norman, NC

Get the right planning design for your space with my help.

Planning Design in Lake Norman, North Carolina
Finding the right design for your home can be tricky– especially when you are working within existing walls! The right planning design can make all the difference in the functionality of the finished product, and that is just one of the reasons why I would like to use my 30-plus years of experience in architecture and planning to help you create the perfect planning design for your Lake Norman, North Carolina home.

When you have me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, working for you and creating your dream design, you are going to get a finished space that is beautiful as well as functional. I prefer to take the extra steps necessary to create a space that is not just as you imagined, but better than you could have dreamed. Because I am a detail-oriented individual with experience in planning design, I will do more than help you redesign a kitchen or bath, but also help you explore what features you want such as extra storage, incorporating views of nature or light into the design, and even more. Working with me will help your planning design come out better than you could have thought.

Because of my experience and top-of-the-line technology, we can quickly design and then re-design to ensure that your planning design is perfect from the beginning. I would love to help with your planning design for your entire home, an addition or just a room or two. Please contact me today, and let’s get started on the planning design for your dream home.

Paul B. Clark, Architect offers planning design services in MooresvilleCharlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.


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