Sustainable House Design, Mooresville, NC

I take special care to seek opportunities to employ sustainable house design elements throughout the home construction process.

Sustainable House Design in Mooresville, North Carolina

Sustainable house design is more than just using materials that are best for our environment; it also involves reducing the environmental impact of a home building project in whole. When you work with me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, you will find that I am equipped not only to recommend the best materials for sustainable house design, but also to collaborate with your home builders to create a sustainable home building project at your home site in Mooresville, North Carolina.

There are several important ways in which I achieve a sustainable house design that is functional and integrated well with the landscape surrounding your home. The first is with the use of Biophilic Design, which is the incorporation of elements that trigger our innate love of nature as humans. This might mean taking a careful approach to the placement of your home on your property so that it receives sunlight during specific times of day. It might also mean incorporating specific structural materials that are environmentally sound.

Another important aspect of my sustainable house design choices is landscape design and integration. By unifying your home and the surrounding property, you will immediately feel at ease when you arrive at your new home. When determining the best sustainable house design elements for your needs and wants, I take special care to seek opportunities to employ sustainable house design elements throughout.

The result of our collaboration with sustainable house design is a beautiful, functional, well-planned home that captures your treasured sense of home. I am confident that you will cherish your home for many years to come. Contact me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, today to get started.


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