House Plans, Mooresville, NC

I create house plans that reflect your true desires for your home in Mooresville.

Having an architect draw up your house plans on paper prior to beginning a new home construction project will give you the opportunity to accurately and succinctly make adjustments to your home. When you work with me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, to determine the most important aspects of your home design, I will formulate a house plan that brings out the best in your cherished living spaces.

House Plans in Mooresville, North Carolina

The most important thing we do together when creating house plans is to discuss your overall idea for your home. I want to know your complete vision and the elements that are most important to you to maintain a functional and beautiful space. By actively listening to your needs and wants, I can be specific in my architectural design.

During the second phase of the development of your house plans is the creation of multiple sketches for you to view. Your ideas will come to life, and you will have time to make necessary adjustments without feeling pressured to hurry to the outcome. This way, your house plans reflect your true desires, and your home construction will then reflect those most important details.

The third tier of your house plan concept is to incorporate biophilic design, which includes those unique features that represent our innate sense of life and the importance of nature. You will see your home and the surrounding landscape optimize space and energy, making your house feel more like home.

Reach out to me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, to discuss your house plans and to learn more about how I can bring your treasured sense of home to life in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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