Custom Home Design, Charlotte, NC Posted by North Carolina Architect December 3rd, 2018


Custom Home Design, Charlotte, NC

The custom home designs I create for my clients in the Charlotte, NC area capture the vision they have for their new home.

custom home designsCustom Home Design in Charlotte – You and your family’s needs are different from anyone else’s in metropolitan Charlotte, NC, and the home you live in should reflect that. However, finding a home that truly complements your preferences and functional requirements is nothing short of a challenge. If you would like to live in a home that will benefit you and your family for many years to come, turn to me.

I have been working as an architect for nearly three decades and have created many different custom home designs for my clients. When you contact me about creating a custom design plan for your new home, I will start things off by making sure I understand your needs and the opportunities of the proposed building site. I carefully listen to my clients so that I am able to hear and understand their tangible and intangible needs and desires. Translating my clients’ interests to their house – when done properly – entails a delicate metamorphosis, beginning with the major concerns of the room relations (especially the kitchen), orientation to vistas, and circulation taking shape in conjunction with the landscape. Later, more subtle developments take shape to further coordinate the form of the house with the aspirations of the client. As it is vital for homeowners to visualize the developments taking place, I provide numerous sketches, reference photographs, and 3-D models in order for my clients to be able to fully understand and participate in the development of their home.

Naturally, coordinating custom home designs with construction costs is essential. Consequently, I work closely with pre-qualified general contractors in order to align the design of all custom homes with the specific construction budget. In order to provide some budgetary flexibility, some clients request that their house be constructed in phases with, for example, the bonus room, basement, in-law suite, or swimming pool completed at a later date.   Naturally, in these cases, it is prudent to coordinate the house floor plans – the “house blueprints” – in order to facilitate these future goals

Two intertwined ideas underlie and drive my approach to designing custom homes:

  • Sustainable Design (“Livable” or Biophilic Design)
  • Landscape Design and Integration

If you are interested in a unique, innovative, well-crafted custom home design that is thoughtfully integrated with nature, please contact me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, today.


Sustainable Design

northern-lake-houseA truly sustainable design is one which is planned and designed to celebrate Biophilia: our innate love of nature, life, and living systems.

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Paul B. Clark, Architect offers custom home design services in Charlotte, Catawba, Lake Norman, Lincoln, Mooresville, Denver, Huntersville, Cornelius, and Davidson, North Carolina.

When you turn to me, Paul B. Clark, Architect, for assistance with your remodeling or home building project in Charlotte, North Carolina, I will create a design that captures your vision.